PUMP Audio Earphones, a new competitor.

It is fair to say that Pump Audio have delivered what they set out to do. These earphones look great, feel great and sound amazing. If you are serious about your music, you should be serious about how you listen to it. Pump audio make great earphones, simply outstanding.

Pump Audio EarphonesFirst impressions count for a lot – at first glance, the lay of the land looks rather good. The packaging is finished to a very high standard with high quality materials & print. The outer sleeve is cleanly designed and highlights some user comments from some notable users such as Marshall Jefferson.

With the sleeve removed, the inner box folds outwards to reveal the earphones tucked away safely inside.

The earphones look and feel very high quality – not a single scratch, rough edge or detail out of place. These are the real deal – a truly high end, premium product.

The earpieces are machined from aluminum  and showcase some of the finest detailing we’ve ever seen. The polished, patterned piece on the outer side is possibly the single most beautifully designed component we’ve seen on a set of earphones.pump-orange1

The cable exit is re-enforced with a tough, flexible plastic that feels like it will survive rough handling. The cable itself is the flat silicone type – a nice medium weight that has strength, but still light enough to feel comfortable. The cable also has very good flex and seems to resist tangles very well.

Here at Advance Technologies, we’re selling the earphones for under £40. Whereas other retailers have been selling them for around the £100 mark.

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