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Aerocool Thunder X3 by Aerocool TM60 Gaming Mouse with 16000 DPI & Programable Software

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TM60 Aerocool Thunder X3 by Aerocool TM60 Gaming Mouse with 16000 DPI & Programable Software

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• 9800 Sensor - The 9800 chip set provides enhanced features such as a variable frame rate, programmable resolution, angle turn ability, X-Y axis independent resolution, programmable angle snap plus configurable sleep and wake up time to suit various gamers preferences. This gaming sensor is designed to achieve optimum performance during gaming sessions.
• Switches - The Omron mechanical switch is excellent for its reliability and has a lifetime of 10 million clicks. It produces a subtle click sound at a gentle press of the mouse button while delivering quick and responsive results.
• Wheel - Just as important as switches, the TM60 scroll wheel can turn hundreds of millions of times in its lifespan for going through lengthy websites and documents, as well as for gaming. Whether it is to scope, throw a grenade or zoom in on the battlefield, you need to be highly robust for heavy duty precision scrolling.
• Material - TM60 features a soft-touch paint on the top part of the mouse that gives the user a smooth and pleasant rubbery touch while holding the mouse and at the same time it will help avoid slipperiness from the sweat of the palm especially during gaming sessions.
• Connector and Cable - The gold-plated USB connector ensures that the connector will be corrosion-free and maintain the quality of the data transmission. The braided cable sleeving also nicely hides away the ugly wires and makes sure there is no cable entanglement during game play.
• Teflon Feet - The professional teflon feet is to ensure a perfect and smooth glide on any surface with precision tracking. It also ensures no scratching on either the mouse or the surface as it wears down in the long term. An extra set of teflon feet is included to maximise the value of this mouse.
• Scroller - Repetitive scrolling during intensive game play sometimes may cause stress and discomfort to the finger tip and the joint. The scroller of the TM60 was purposely designed to have the width of the scroller wheel up to 10mm wide with a robust pattern design on the rubber ring to make sure the finger tip can steadily scroll with a firm grasp on the wheel surface.
• Pro-eSport - An outstanding professional e-Sport Gaming grade mouse headed by an ultra-precise 16000dpi laser sensor ensures all mouse movements are transmitted lag-free with incredible accuracy.
• Aluminum Base - The hair-brushed aluminum base not only is part of the overall aesthetic of the TM60 but very importantly it is acting as a counterweight. It is especially important when it comes to fast maneuvering during games it helps to keep the mouse in contact with the surface.

Regular Price: £44.46

Special Price £37.62


The TM60 Thunder X3 Mouse comes with a 9800 sensor and is jam packed with various customisations designed to achieve an optimum performance while gaming. With the Omron mechanical switches, a slip proof strip next to the thumb area for better grip and a wider scroll wheel (10mm wide), the TM60 was specifically designed for long gaming sessions. An aluminium base at the bottom of the mouse acts as a counter-weight to better support maneuverability during intense sessions and the teflon feet allow precision tracking and smooth gliding across the surface. Four dpi settings of 1000, 3000, 5000 and 16000 ensure all movements are lag free and incredibly accurate.

To further enhance your gaming experience, a downloadable software allows you to program macros, customise buttons including speed and X/Y values and save up to three different profiles. Customise the backlight on the mouse with 16.8 million colours to choose from. An interchangeable panel is also included with the mouse so you can switch to the slip proof surface or utilize the ring finger rest. The choice is yours.


Name Aerocool Thunder X3 by Aerocool TM60 Gaming Mouse with 16000 DPI & Programable Software
SKU 5822
Manufacturer AeroCool
Colour Black
Connectivity USB
Wireless No
Resolution 5000 dpi
No. of Buttons N/A
In Depth

Unit (Product) Dimensions (mm): 78mm x 38mm x 125mm (W x H x D)
Packaging Dimensions (mm): 173mm x 70mm x 210mm (W x H x D)

Packaging Retail
Warranty Period 12 Months
Total Care